Horikawa site

Schedule of events Saturday. August 5 to Friday. August 11. 2017.

1 Plaza of Encounters

This plaza will display bamboo shoots decorated with "wishes" that visitors write on Picture Postcard Strips. The event's original "Kyo-no-Tanabata Picture Postcard Strips" (100 yen each) can be purchased at the information booth.

2 Milky Way of Light (Illuminated)

The "Milky Way of Light" reproduces the stunning Milky Way, the icon of Tanabata, with an arch of bamboo and LED lights. Visitors will experience a romantic world full of mystery. The blue LED lights make it exceptionally beautiful.

3 Yuzen Nagashi of Light

The culture of Kyoto has been nurtured by an abundance of clean water. Kyo-Yuzen dyeing is a tradition that has especially prospered because of the region's high-quality water. This installation showcases the brilliant layers of colors in Kyo-Yuzen silk, using the water of Horikawa River and illumination.
Cooperation: Kamedatomi Corporation

4 Wishes on Tanabata

This promenade will be lined on both sides with Tanabata bamboo decorations and lit up at night (using a total of 40 bamboo shoots). The bamboo leaves will hold written "wishes" of the community's children.

5 Message Lanterns

Large "message lanterns" will showcase Yuzen designs and display messages from prominent or popular figures connected to Kyoto. The warm light of the lanterns will lighten both sides of the walkway and the water of Horikawa River.

6 Gifts for Visitors Wearing Kimono

Each day, people visiting the events in traditional Japanese clothing (kimono or yukata) will be offered a gift. (Limited number of gifts each day)

7 Nishijin Textile Center - Kyoto Tanabata Summer Kimono Show

A Summer Kimono Show, presented by professional models as well as Kyoto locals and visitors.

2017 August 5 (Sat) + 6 (Sun)
1:00 pm, 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm

8 Kyo-no-Tanabata Kyo-Yuzen Fair (Hotel Rubino Kyoto Horikawa)

At Hotel Rubino Kyoto Horikawa, visitors will be able to enjoy work demonstrations by Kyo-Yuzen artists, Kyo-Yuzen and Kyo-Komon workshops, displays of Kyo-Yuzen works, and more.